Foreign fans of Engin Akyürek are experiencing a very different excitement about the Adım Farah series!
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2 April 2023 08:28


Foreign fans of Engin Akyürek are experiencing a very different excitement about the Adım Farah series!

Engin Akyürek is a famous name that does not appear in the magazine and is talked about only for his work. The actor, who wrote the story and starred in the series Kaçış (Escape), which came to the fore as the first Turkish production of Disney Plus in the summer, is now on the sets for the “Adım Farah” (My Name is Farah) series prepared for Fox TV.

Both local and foreign fans of Engin Akyürek are also very excited. The actor, whom we will watch with the character of Tahir, will take place as the mafia leader in the story of the series.

In the events that developed after Demet Özdemir escaped from Iran with her child and witnessed a murder, the harmony and energy of the two leading actors are very curious.

The communication of Farah and Tahir characters, which started over a murder witness, seems to turn into a love in the future. Engin Akyürek’s fans abroad are already in great curiosity. The reason for this curiosity lies in the fact that the character of Tahir is different from the characters that the actor has played so far.

Engin Akyürek, who is a name that does not fall on the agenda with every job he does, has such a huge fan base abroad that every time his project starts to be talked about, it becomes an event.

The reason why the escape series made a great contribution to Disney Plus is the strong fan base of the actor that surrounds the whole world. For Fox TV, it is expected that Engin Akyürek will benefit from this popularity both in terms of domestic ratings and sales figures abroad.

The fact that Demet Özdemir has a large fan base abroad and that she will appear on the screen with a very different female character makes the series “Adım Farah” even more interesting.

Engin Akyürek’s fans praise the actor, saying, “He doesn’t just play the character, he lives and feels it in every way.”

For those who want to see Akyürek in television series for a while, the series “Adım Farah” is expected to create a great excitement in the coming period.

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