Buckle up, we're going to the past! Hazal Kaya, who could not find what she expected with the Misafir series, will be quite surprised with her new series!
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9 December 2022 11:32


Buckle up, we’re going to the past! Hazal Kaya, who could not find what she expected with the Misafir series, will be quite surprised with her new series!

Famous actress Hazal Kaya came to the screen with Buğra Gülsoy in the lead role of the Misafir series at the beginning of the season. The audience, who saw Kaya with her long hair in a light shade, was quite surprised. In the series broadcast on Fox TV, she played the character of Gece, who chose suicide as the daughter of a troubled mother, but was saved and then pretended to have lost her memory.

Fans of Hazal Kaya and Buğra Gülsoy eagerly awaited the series, but unfortunately, the guest series did not have much chance when the ratings were low, and made the final in the 5th episode. Hazal Kaya returned to the screen for the first time after Bizim Hikaye, but it did not turn out as she expected.

Before this unfortunate series adventure, Kaya came up with another series. In fact, after giving birth to her son, Fikret Ali, she appeared before the camera in March 2021 for her first TV series project. But the series was filmed for a digital platform.

Hazal Kaya had her hair dyed for this series, and then she was in front of the camera with her hair in the same color for the Misafir TV series she starred in. In other words, the image change was not for the Guest, but for the Netflix series Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı, which started shooting in March.

This series, in which Hazal Kaya and Selahattin Paşalı are in front of the camera, is adapted from Charles King’s novel “Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı”. The producer company Karga Seven Pictures is giving the audience a nice surprise in the serial version of the book, for which it bought all the rights.

Hazal Kaya gives life to Esra, the hero of an entertaining time travel, in the series Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı, which turns a historical novel into a fantastic historical series. Young journalist Esra suddenly finds herself in the Turkey of years ago. Selahattin Paşalı gives life to the character of Halit in the series, which goes back to the time of Atatürk.

Halit is the owner of one of the crazy clubs in Istanbul, which makes Esra understand that nothing is as it seems, while trying to preserve the flow of Turkey’s history and its future.

Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı will meet the audience on Netflix on March 3rd. The series, which takes place in the fascinating atmosphere of Istanbul, wants to take the audience to the years of the War of Independence and have a different experience.

The time travel of the journalist Esra character, played by Hazal Kaya in the series Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı, written by Elif Usman and directed by Emre Şahin, and what happened at that time are told. Engin Hepileri and Yasemin Szawloski, Tansu Biçer, James Chalmers, Ahmet Varlı, Nergis Öztürk, Murat Kılıç, Osman Albayrak and Ergun Metin are also in the cast of Pera Palas, starring Hazal Kaya and Selahattin Paşalı.

The plot of the series is briefly as follows:

Journalist Esra, who was assigned to write about the Pera Palas Hotel in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, while examining the hotel, realizes that one of the rooms is a door to 1919. He travels through this door to 1919 Istanbul, the last period of the Ottoman Empire, and finds himself involved in a political conspiracy against Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. When Esra meets Halit, the mysterious owner of one of Istanbul’s crazy clubs, she sees that 1919 Istanbul is quite different from what is known.

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