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20 May 2022 20:54


Burak Deniz is excitedly waiting for September, his two projects are coming one after the other!

The famous actor Burak Deniz is one of the names that has been working hard and producing projects one after another… Last season, the actor, who partnered with Alina Boz in the ATV series named Maraşlı, had a very good acting.

In the summer, Burak Deniz participated in the shooting of the last 4 episodes of the TV series Cahil Periler (Ignorant Fairies), which Ferzan Özpetek shot for Disney Plus. Afterwards, the actor went to Adana in September and played the leading role in the digital series called Şahmaran, which will be broadcast on Netflix. The projects of the actor, who will soon meet with the audience as the hero of a fantastic story with Serenay Sarıkaya, are not limited to this.

The actor, who also participated in the shooting of the movie called Gidenler (Departures) prepared for Netflix, met with Dilan Çiçek Deniz in the lead role. It was the third project of the duo together… Stating that the shooting of the movie Gidenler was completed and everything went well, the actress is now waiting for September.

There is an expectation that both the Şahmaran TV series and the movie Gidenler will be released in September. Burak Deniz had previously made a statement for the TV series called Şahmaran, marking the month of September. In his last interview, the actor said that although he did not know the exact date, the movie called “Gidenler” could be released in September.

Burak Deniz said, “It went well, we finished the Gidenler. It took 1.5 months. It looks like it will be released around September as well. I don’t know the exact date either. I’m waiting for news from Şahmaran. It is going well,” he said.

Various allegations about the love life of the actor, who stated that they had dinner together with the Şahmaran TV series team and had a good time, are also on the agenda of the magazine.

Burak Deniz, who was involved in the love claim because he was seen with Deniz Işın, denied this.

Burak Deniz, on the other hand, denied these allegations, saying, “There is no love, there is only work at the moment.”

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