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20 May 2022 21:04


Tolga Sarıtaş’s love in the TV series Baba became his former co-star!

Famous actor Tolga Sarıtaş continues to appear on Show TV with his Baba (Father) series. The famous actor is at the key point of the story with the character of Kadir and has received good comments from his fans with his performance so far. While the shocking developments in the series continued, a new person entered the life of the character of Kadir. This name became the character of Elif and the name that plays the character is Dilara Aksüyek.

So, from which TV series do you remember the Dilara Aksüyek and Tolga Sarıtaş duo? Of course, many viewers remember this duo from the production called Arıza (Fault). Two young actors were also on the same set in the series, which was also broadcast on Show TV last season. Dilara Aksüyek, who plays the character of Füsun in the story of the malfunction series, and Tolga Sarıtaş, who plays Ali Rıza, crossed for the second time with the series Baba.

The character of Füsun was in love with Ali Rıza, but their union did not take place, because there was an Ali Rıza passionately devoted to Halide.

Dilara Aksüyek, who participated in the series in the previous episode, started to display both her talents and her beauty.

The actress stated that everything was fine on the set and said: “A very beautiful character will be waiting for you. It’s really beautiful, I really liked the character. I hope the audience will like it too, I think it will be very nice. Something different for me. I’m already trying to choose roles like that: We worked with Tolga (Sarıtaş) before, for a short period of time. We are working together again. Everything is OK.”

Kadir’s character’s meeting with Elif and getting closer to his will add movement to the Baba series. The love that does not happen in the series of malfunctions seems very likely to happen in the series of Baba.

The paths of Tolga Sarıtaş and Dilara Aksüyek cross once again in a TV series, as well as in the role of lover.

In the seventh episode of the Baba series; Learning that Fevzi Paktaş, whom he wanted to sell the factory to, had a heart attack, Kadir met his daughter, Elif Paktaş, who was looking after him. Drawing attention with her different character and beauty, Elif’s story with Kadir aroused curiosity. Agreeing with Elif Paktaş, Kadir wanted to be a partner in the factory. When Elif wanted them to be in control, Kadir, who had no choice but to trust the experience of the other party, accepted the offer.

Let’s see how the Elif and Kadir characters will progress in the story. We will continue to watch and share with you.

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