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6 July 2022 09:22


Burak Deniz, who works hard, will be on the set again soon!

Burak Deniz, who made a big breakthrough in his career after starring in the Maraşlı TV series, is very busy these days. The handsome actor, who has lined up the projects one after the other, will be on the set again soon.

Despite taking part in successful productions such as Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar (Little Sweet Lies) and Bizim Hikaye (Our Story), Burak Deniz, who made his biggest debut with the Maraşlı series broadcast on ATV last winter, continues to rank the projects one after the other.

As soon as the Maraşlı series, in which she shared the lead role with Alina Boz, ended, the actor went to Italy for the TV series Cahil Periler (Ignorant Fairies), shot by Ferzan Özpetek, and played a photographer Asaf in this production, which will soon be broadcast on Disney Plus. Burak Deniz will increase his fame in Italy thanks to this series.

The handsome actor starred in the series Şahmaran, which he shared with Serenay Sarıkaya, after the series “Cahil Periler”. The shooting of the first season of the series, which will be broadcast on Netflix, was completed a long time ago. Immediately after the shooting of this series ended, Burak Deniz took his breath away on the set of the movie “Gidenler”. He shared the lead role with Dilan Çiçek Deniz in the movie that will also be broadcast on Netflix.

The good news for Burak Deniz fans came a short time ago. Accordingly, the second season of the Şahmaran series was approved by Netflix. The handsome actor said in a statement a few days ago that they will be on the set for Şahmaran very soon.

The handsome actor said in a statement, “Preparations for the second season have started. It is not clear whether we will start in May or in the middle of summer. We are waiting for news. It looks like it will be published either in September or in December, close to the new year,” he said.

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