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6 July 2022 15:21


Surprising confession from Songül Öden about her ex-partner Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ after years!

Famous actress Songül Öden was the guest of Tonight with İbrahim Selim program. The talented actress, who made striking statements in the program, made striking statements about Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, with whom she shared the lead role in the Gümüş series, which was screened on Kanal D between 2005-2007.

The actress, who stated that she was subjected to psychological violence from the audience at that time, explained her feelings as follows; He is a handsome man in the world. Then of course I don’t know the criticism. They were saying, ‘Did they put this in front of Kıvanç?’ I was sad then. I had just graduated, as a young child. People are also very cruel.”

Saying that she has 5 sisters, Songül Öden said, “I grew up in a matriarchal house with struggling women, I decided to become an actress at an early age, I went to the theater for the first time at the age of 18.”

Saying that she wanted her mother to study law, Songül Öden explained, “I convinced my mother to study theater by saying that I would be a speaker on TRT”.

Songül Öden, who said that she was afraid of being misunderstood for many years, stated that she no longer cares about how she is understood. The actress also said that she hates flattery and lying.

Expressing that she has three cats, Ekrem, Leyla and Türkan, the actress also stated that she is very apprehensive about her cats.

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