Artists News Burcu Biricik’s life energy, which exploded with the Camdaki Kız, is amazing!

Burcu Biricik’s life energy, which exploded with the Camdaki Kız, is amazing!


Famous actress Burcu Biricik gained great popularity especially with the character of Hülya in the TV series named Hayat Şarkısı (Life Song). Burcu Biricik, who was criticized for being chosen as the leading role at first and was in the middle of the discussions whether this role could do it justice or not, left everyone in awe with her performance.

The famous actress, who has increased her popularity with the TV series Kuzgun, Kırmızı Oda (Red Room) and Fatma, continues to enchant her fans with the character of Nalan in the TV series Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass). Burcu Biricik is currently on vacation and will be on Kanal D again from September with the series that will be set to be set soon.

Some of the behavior of the actress, who kept her morale up before the new season of the series, surprises her fans. The actress loves to have fun by attending birthday parties of people she doesn’t know.

Burcu Biricik, who participated in the program of Yasemin Şefik and Burcu Kuş, made statements that surprised her fans.

Expressing her admiration for the two women who sail freely with the sailboat, Burcu Biricik made her smile by saying, “Come and take me, but I can’t go on a long cruise, I’ll visit a few coves with you.”

Emphasizing the importance of women behaving freely, Burcu Biricik is currently on holiday in Bozburun. The actress also talked about the crazy things she did during this vacation.

The actress, who made a confession with laughter, expressed that she loves to have fun on the birthdays of people she does not know with the following words:

“My favorite thing is to go to the birthdays of people I don’t know. I even wanted to have fun here. Bozburun is a quiet place I heard it was someone’s birthday. We got up and left. My English is not very good, I made a sufficient sentence. I attended his birthday saying ‘I love party’, ‘I need party’. The birthday owner didn’t know us. Then we met. This is my habit now. Going to the birthday of someone I don’t know.”