Artists News Büşra Pekin has signed a first in her career, she will surprise everyone!

Büşra Pekin has signed a first in her career, she will surprise everyone!

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Famous actress Büşra Pekin took the leading role in the movie, which was the subject of Dilberay’s life. The actress went to see her old love Ersay Üner’s concert in Çeşme the previous day.

Explaining that she was always at home and did not go out during the pandemic period, Büşra Pekin said that she went to the set for the shooting of Dilberay’s movie. The actress also said that she liked the concert very much and that they have been working together for many years.

Büşra Pekin, who had a love affair with Ersay Üner for a while, stated that they now have a different situation. Büşra Pekin, who said, “We are alive now”, also said that they do business together.

The actress, who had to gain weight during the filming in Adana, also stated that it was a role. Büşra Pekin said, “In fact, those kilos are a little above me. It hits the cheeks, it hits the belly. There is still a possibility that a scene of the movie will be shot. That’s why I stop. Since I am a person who pays attention to healthy eating, we can meet on fit days soon.”

This is how her fans will watch Büşra Pekin, who gave a drama performance in the movie Dilberay, for the first time. Drama has been a new experience for Büşra Pekin, who has been involved in many projects with comedy roles before.

The actor said, “This is the first time the audience will see me in such a role. Dear Ketche directed it. We did a very good job. May it go to Dilberay’s beautiful soul and heart. She has been through so much that we want to set an example for everyone,” she explained.