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5 July 2022 18:44


The reason behind Onur Bay’s departure from the Arka Sokaklar series has been revealed!

Onur Bay, who gave life to the character of Tekin in the TV series Arka Sokaklar, joined Onedio’s youtube channel and answered questions from his fans. The actor, who was in the series for 15 seasons, left the production in the season finale last June. The character of Tekin went to Germany and his story was completed. Onur Bay now wants to evaluate the new project proposals that will come to him and aims to act different roles.

Onur Bay, who joined the TV series Arka Sokaklar as a child actor, became a young man and grew up in front of many of his fans in front of the screen for years. Stating that he was addressed by the name Tekin on the street, Onur Bay stated that he was sometimes also addressed by his own name. Explaining that the audience has embraced the character very much since the series has been going on for 15 years, Onur Bay said, “They see their own siblings, that’s why it’s sincere.”

Stating that he started the series at the age of 9, Onur Bay stated that he was a very popular boy at school from the age of 10, but he was not a person who used this popularity.

Describing the moment se felt famous for the first time, the young actor said, “An aunt had a photo taken with me on the street. That’s when I said, ‘I am well-known,'” he said.

While Onr Bay also showed that he wanted to take part in different projects, he stated that Arka Sokaklar was not an obstacle for him, but he had to postpone this request.

Onur Bay said, “The biggest advantage of acting a character for 15 years is that we are very close on the set, so the shooting is very comfortable. We shoot a scene every 2 minutes. I know what will come after my words. That’s the advantage. The downside is that I want to do very different things as an actor. Maybe it’s a delay, I’m not saying it’s an obstacle, I postponed those things.”

Onur Bay apparently must have decided that he should leave the Arka Sokaklar series in order to make new projects and revive new characters, and he wanted this postponement period to end.

Explaining that the departure of Figen Evren, who left the series, affected him a lot, Onur Bay said, “I was very sad when my mother died in the series. She is a person I love very much in real life. “I was very impressed with him because we have a bond, we have worked with him for so many years.”

Figen Evren, who acted a role in the TV series Arka Sokaklar with the character of Suat since 2006, left the team in 2017. Figen Evren, who took part in the series for 11 years and was with the team in 447 episodes, also finished her acting career.

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