Artists News Heart emoji pose by Yusra Geyik and Onur Bay!

Heart emoji pose by Yusra Geyik and Onur Bay!


The candid images of Yüsra Geyik and Onur Bay, who starred in Kanal D’s legendary TV series Arka Sokaklar, shook the social media. The duo, who grew up in the series, left Arka Sokaklar together at the end of the 15th season, in addition to being very close friends. The pose of the duo, who spent 15 years together and lived their childhood and adolescence together on the set, made their fans make humorous comments.

The duo, who appeared in Kanal D’s record-breaking series Arka Sokaklar, which met with the audience in 2006, played Zeliş and Tekin, the children of Hüsnü Çoban, for 15 seasons. These candid images of the two stars of Arka Sokaklar, Yüsra Geyik and Onur Bay, were talked about a lot on social media.

Onur Bay shared the photo with Yüsra Geyik on his Instagram account with a heart emoji and became a hot topic in the social media in a short time. Fans who saw the post made humorous and somewhat suggestive comments for the sincere state of the duo. Some followers made a humorous comment by saying, “Do not let Hüsnü Çoban see, you are brothers.”

Yüsra Geyik and Onur Bay, who played the characters of sister and brother for 15 years, did not leave each other after leaving the series and continued to meet.

After leaving the TV series Arka Sokaklar, Yüşra Geyik joined the cast of Camdaki Kız and appears before the audience as Muzo’s lover.

Onur Bay last appeared in the TV series Son Yaz, starring Alperen Duymaz, Ali Atay, Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Birce Akalay.