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6 July 2022 12:09


The confidant of Berk Atan, the Taner of the Gönül Dağı series, is his ex-partner!

Berk Atan, who acts the leading role in the TRT1 TV series Gönül Dağı, got along very well with Gülsim Ali İlhan. The second season of the series, whose first season lasted 30 episodes, is also eagerly awaited on the TRT1 screen. The crew is currently on vacation, but set will begin soon and there will be a busy schedule for reshoots.

Berk Atan, who draws attention with his love with Selin Yağcıoğlu in the summer months, is also at the top of the magazine’s agenda. In addition to being the lead role in one of the most successful projects of recent years, the actor also touches the hearts of his fans with his sympathy and handsomeness.

Berk Atan, who started acting in 2013, became popular with the TV series Güneşin Kızları, which was broadcast in 2015-2016. This series has a very important place in the career of the actor who acts the character of war. Berk Atan, who acted the lead role in Gönül Dağı after good projects such as Dayan Yüreğim and Cennet’in Gözyaşları, is developing his career as one of the most talented and successful names of recent years.

Partnering with Burcu Özberk in the TV series Güneşin Kızları, the actress also established a very good friendship with her co-star. The duo, who have been in constant contact and support each other since the series, has become a confidant.

In February, two famous names came together and talked a lot with the sympathetic video they shot. Burcu Özberk talked about her friendship with Berk Atan in her youtube chat with Hakan Gence.

Özberk also stated that they are confidants and that they always support each other. Asking about the love that started after the romantic comedy series, Hakan Gence questioned whether there would be a love affair with İlhan Şen. Burcu Özberk, on the other hand, gave an example from her former partner Berk Atan while answering this question and explained that she has not experienced such a situation in romantic comedies until today:

“By God, how many romantic comedies have I done, I have never experienced love. It never happened. Berk (Atan) is my very close friend. We sit and play backgammon, something happens, we talk, we text each other. He visits me when he comes to Istanbul. I am from Eskişehir. They can shoot Gönül Dağı in Eskişehir. I went once, but I stayed very little. I even go just to see him. We talk about everything. Just like two friends… I have that kind of energy when talking to men. Men love to talk. I also give them ideas. The invulnerables are with me. I have a masked side. I can switch to male energy with them. For example, it is the same with Çağlar (Ertuğrul).

Burcu Özberk added that she is currently not in love and her heart is empty.

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