Artists News ÇağatayUlusoy and GizemKaraca’s career is at stake

ÇağatayUlusoy and GizemKaraca’s career is at stake


Black days are beginning for ÇağatayUlusoy and GizemKaraca, who are punished for drug trafficking …

This decision for both players has begun to have bad consequences …

What’s going to happen? How will two famous players be affected?

Above all, this situation for ÇağatayUlusoy may cause the opportunity of life to escape. Taking part in the first Turkish series ‘The Protector’ for Netflix was almost a springboard for him.

There was every opportunity to become a name that the whole world knew. But now, claims have been made that KeremBürsin will be taken to the castle instead.

For GizemKaraca, the situation is serious … Kanal D announces that the Humanity Crime series will be finalized immediately after the darkness.

It is clear from these developments that the players will have serious troubles in the following projects.

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