Artists News ÇağatayUlusoy’s uncomfortable holiday

ÇağatayUlusoy’s uncomfortable holiday


ÇağatayUlusoy and DuyguSarışın’s love refresher vacation square frame!

Being famous is not an easy task …

The holiday that ÇağatayUlusoy and DuyguSarışın reunited to refresh their love is followed by a square square by the magazine press.

‘A Little Murder’ series in the role of the she, after the final of the series on the boat rented in Marmaris, Çağatay Ulusoy’s went to the resort.

The couple that has been separated for a while, then takes a decision to resume co-resume and refreshes their love at the holiday.

But the magazine press does not leave the couple at ease.

Çağatay Ulusoy, who completed the first season shootings of Netflix’s first Turkish series named The Protector, rented a boat to take a sigh of relief.

Ulusoy, who wanted to inform all the other people around him and inform the journalists, could not prevent it and came out with a holiday that was followed squarely.