Do you like BirceAkalay's hair?
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2 October 2022 08:42


Do you like BirceAkalay’s hair?

‘Black White Love’ series revived in the sequence of the character who is enchanted BirceAkalay, cut hair after the series.

The famous actress, who is very tired due to the shooting, is having a day to day.

BirceAkalay, who breaks the holidays in Bodrum and meets with her friends in Istanbul for her 34th birthday, was shown with joyful situations.

She, who celebrated her birthday in Bodrum, said, “What we love is making us such beautiful beautiful surprises. I am very happy, ” she said.

She has been talked about with her new image recently.

Even if their fans are not very pleased with their new short haired image, the famous actress does not take negative comments on the castle.

She, “I only cut my hair. It’s not very important. I have long wanted it so much, ” she said.

Akalay’s fans reveal that long hair is better suited to him than her social comments.

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