Call to the domestic audience, praise to foreigners! Gecenin Ucunda facts from Kadir Doğulu!
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3 February 2023 16:48


Call to the domestic audience, praise to foreigners! Gecenin Ucunda facts from Kadir Doğulu!

In an environment of increasing interest abroad for Turkish TV series, important productions are meeting with the audience one after another. One of these series was at the Gecenin Ucunda (At the End of the Night). The team of the series, which is broadcast on the Star TV screen, continues to work happily.

When the expected good ratings did not come on Wednesday evenings, the Gecenin Ucunda, which was shifted to Tuesday evenings, did not get good ratings again. Kadir Doğulu, who plays the character of Kazım in the series, was very remarkable with the statements he made the other day.

These words were thought-provoking, which meant that the fans of the foreign TV series took care of them, especially despite the fact that the Turkish TV series audience no longer supported them enough.

The ratings seem low, but the social media and foreign interest are very good. Kadir Doğulu draws attention to this contradiction.

The fact that the ratings are low is a big problem for Gecenin Ucunda. Because no broadcaster can keep a series that can’t afford the costs and that is damaging for a long time.

Kadir Doğulu’s statements point to these. So what does the Easterner want? The famous actor stated that they expect support from the audience with the following words:

“I am a person who was born from this people and tried to stay among the people. I am trying to keep this realization alive. I need support from the public here. Our series takes place in the world in terms of content and quality. We are trying to keep this work on the screens as much as we can.”

Will this fight to stay on the screen until the end of the season will be won, or will the final news of the series come soon? Everything is uncertain right now.

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