Series News Camdaki Kız series fell on the shoulders of Burcu Biricik and Nur Sürer!

Camdaki Kız series fell on the shoulders of Burcu Biricik and Nur Sürer!

Famous actress Selma Ergeç has been playing a role in the TV series “Camdaki Kız”, which was broadcast on Kanal D recently. Selma Ergeç, who has an impressive acting with the character of Selen Köroğlu, has been on the sets since the beginning of the 2000s.

Selma Ergeç became very popular with her character Defne in the TV series Asi. The actress, who is known all over the world as Hatice Sultan in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl series, has recently appeared in front of the audience in the productions of Atiye and Camdaki Kız.

Talking about the Camdaki Kız series broadcast on Kanal D on Thursday evenings, the actress said, “It’s going well, it’s very enjoyable. We get along great as a team, I’m happy,” he said.

Selma Ergeç stated that serials with high psychological intensity have a counterpart in the audience. The actress said, “People can empathize better. It touches something so that it is in demand,” he said.

Stating that she has not been in a character like Selen before, the actress said, “I think Burcu’s character is very difficult in our series. I’m fine again,” she said.

Explaining that Burcu Biricik, who plays the character of Nalan, has a difficult job, Selma Ergeç mentioned that the character of Feride, played by Nur Sürer, is a very difficult role.

Selma Ergeç wished her two teammates good luck and said, “There is no challenging situation in my character. I’m fine again, everything is fine,” he said.