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22 May 2022 22:11


Can Yaman in Italy and Kerem Bürsin in Spain enchanted his fans

Kerem Bürsin, who moved his name beyond the borders after the international success of the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”, went to Spain to attend a festival. Kerem Bürsin, who was welcomed by his enthusiastic fans and attracted great attention, won the hearts of everyone with his sincere attitude. The great interest shown by the fans to Bürsin reminded the welcome of Can Yaman in Italy after the success of the Erkenci Kuş (meaning: Early Bird) series.

Kerem Bürsin went to Spain to attend the 25th Malaga Film Festival, held between 8-27 March, as the guest of honor. He was greeted with great enthusiasm in Spain. Fans lined up to take a photo with Kerem Bürsin.

Kerem Bürsin’s sincere and humble demeanor won the hearts of the Spaniards. The video shared by a fan on social media reflects Kerem Bürsin’s interest and his warm attitude in return.

Kerem Bürsin, who has a large fan base in Spain, also found wide coverage in the Spanish press. La Opinion De Malaga newspaper wrote, “The most enthusiastic of the night was undoubtedly the revolutionary Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin. He was the celebrity who was the closest and friendliest to his fans, allowing everyone to take selfies even though he kept a distance,” the post reads. it was said.

Kerem Bürsin also had the opportunity to meet Antonio Banderas, whom he admired, at the festival in Spain. The actor, who published his photos with Banderas on his social media account, also shared his happiness with his fans.

Spanish fans were looking forward to Kerem Bürsin coming to their country. Spanish fans, who shared their excitement on social media days before Bürsin’s visit, welcomed Kerem Bürsin with great enthusiasm.

This interest reminded the great interest that Can Yaman received in Italy after the success of the Erkenci Kuş series.

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