Netflix's "Uysallar" series is very different, it will surprise everyone!
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5 October 2022 15:33


Netflix’s “Uysallar” series is very different, it will surprise everyone!

Onur Saylak’s new series Uysallar, who has made the transition from acting to directing, is eagerly awaited. The series, which will meet the audience on Netflix, will begin broadcasting on March 30.

Onur Saylak, who has come to the fore with the films and TV series he directed more than acting in recent years, has increased the curiosity about the series with the successive posts he made on his Instagram account.

In Uysallar, directed by Onur Saylak and produced by Ay Yapım, master actor Haluk Bilginer, with whom Onur Saylak worked, plays a role in the Şahsiyet (meaning: Personality) series. In addition, Uğur Yücel, one of the masters, is also in the cast of the series. Songül Öden and Öner Erkan also play roles in the Uysallar series, which has an extremely strong cast.

The scenario of the Uysallar series belongs to Hakan Günday, one of the most successful novelists of recent years. Onur Saylak and Hakan Günday had previously worked together in the movie Daha.

The plot of Uysallar is as follows: Architect Oktay Uysal begins to lead a punk life in secret from his family, consisting of his wife, two children and father.

However, at that time, his family is after Oktay to establish their own world, hidden from him. The Uysal family has a house full of lies, and Oktay has a prison to build. Is it possible to be yourself to your family or does everyone need a second life?

The first presentation of Uysallar, which will bring a very striking story to the audience, has been published. The promotion, which featured very impressive images, doubled the curiosity about the series.

The talented actor Öner Erkan Uysallar, who played the character of “Selim Koçovalı” in the latest Çukur series, will surprise his fans. This time, Erkan is preparing to appear before the audience as a punk actor.

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