Cansu Dere has finally found the series and role she is looking for!
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27 November 2022 16:07


Cansu Dere has finally found the series and role she is looking for!

A great news for fans of the famous actress Cansu Dere… A project that will suit the actress exactly and leave a mark on the screen is coming.

The answer was expected from Cansu Dere for the series, the preparations of which were meticulously prepared by Medyapım. She answered ‘yes’ to the project. Cansu Dere’s role in a production that is very different in the new season and will suit her career is considered as a pleasing development.

So what series is Doctor Foster and why is it important for Cansu Dere? First of all, there comes a psychological thriller. We will watch Cansu Dere in a role that also matches her distant personality.

First of all, it is a production that the female audience will be fond of… A series comes to the conclusion that a woman who thinks her husband is cheating on herself is faced with retarded and paranoid results.

Here are the details you need to know about the story of the series: Doctor Foster, who consists of 5 episodes per season in BBC One, lives a quiet life in a town with her family. It tells the chain of events that started with Gemma Foster finding a yellow hair strand on her husband Simon’s jacket one day.

Foster, who follows her husband with her female instincts, becomes confused after a while as a result of paranoid thoughts. The woman, who experiences tensions with her surroundings, is moved to completely different points with a simple suspicion.

Doctor Foster series is a drama story that will appeal to female audiences more. Female viewers who experience similar events will find themselves in this series.

Doctor Foster, an empathetic production, is perfect for audiences who love psychological productions. In addition, each section makes you wonder about the next one.

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