During the most important period for Cansu Dere's career, did she limit herself with the Disney Plus agreement?
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2 December 2022 20:30


During the most important period for Cansu Dere’s career, did she limit herself with the Disney Plus agreement?

The Sadakatsis (Unfaithfull) series, which was broadcast on Kanal D for the last two seasons and had great success, was completed by making a final. Cansu Dere also gave a very good performance and conducted a successful partnership process with Caner Cindoruk. Thanks to this series, both actors were followed by a large fan base in Spain and especially in Latin American countries.

Both lead actors were among the most popular Turkish stars of the last period in Spain. Cansu Dere also had a very important opportunity to promote herself abroad with new projects and increase her popularity in such an important period.

Cansu Dere, who went to Spain and participated in an award ceremony and was shown interest by the Spanish media, was among the actors who made a special deal with Disney Plus in such an important process.

Especially at the point she has reached in her career, they are confused about how this agreement will make a difference as a career, even if it makes a very serious contribution to the actress financially. Because the actress cannot work on a platform other than Disney Plus and cannot participate in a project that will be broadcast on a television channel other than Fox TV.

Cansu Dere fans think that the famous actress should come to the fore with new projects, take part in new roles by appearing on the set, and benefit from this process where her popularity is increasing worldwide.

Behind the scenes of Disney Plus’s commercial shoot was published and Cansu Dere’s sympathetic moods also won the admiration of her fans. But the question in mind is still fresh…

Did Cansu Dere find a new opportunity for her career with this deal or did she limit herself?

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