Artists News Berkay Ateş became a strong drama actor, but see him in a comedy role!

Berkay Ateş became a strong drama actor, but see him in a comedy role!


Actor Berkay Ateş, a graduate of the Conservatory, is among the names with a good career. Berkay Ateş, who also plays the leading role in the TV series Magarsus, which will begin on Blu TV on August 10, was born in 1987.

The actress, who started to appear in both movies and TV series since 2007, attracted attention especially with the character of Cengiz in the TV series Anne (Mother).

The actor, whom we watched with the character of Mahsun in the impressive drama series Çukur (The Pit), also gave successful performances in the TV series Alev Alev and Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful).

Known for preferring drama roles in the productions he took part in, the actor actually came to the fore with his comedy roles during his school years.

Talking about this subject in an interview with Merve Dizdar, Berkay Ateş said, “I used to get pretty high scores mostly in comedy pieces when I was at school. And I couldn’t play, I became a drama actor. Movies, TV series, theater plays I played…. I remember very well, I was accepted into school with my comedy piece. In the exams, my comedy roles were always higher.”

The famous actor is also very surprised that he has always played drama roles. Many fans will also wonder how Berkay Ateş will perform in comedy roles after these words.