Series News Merve Dizdar is on the agenda again with her three different series!

Merve Dizdar is on the agenda again with her three different series!


Famous actress Merve Dizdar will make her fans happy with her new projects in 2023, when she won the ‘best actress’ award at the Cannes Film Festival with her feature film Kuru Otlar Üstüne.

In the TV series Magarsus, which will start on Blu TV on August 10; The actress, who shares the lead role with Çağlar Ertuğrul, Berkay Ateş and Ercan Kesal, is experiencing the excitement of this project.

The series, named after Magarsus, an ancient city in Adana, will be a family drama. Merve Dizdar, who explained that the story of the series was very action-packed and that she liked the project very much, said that her excitement increased because the broadcast day was approaching.

Merve Dizdar is on the agenda not only with the Magarsus series but also with Erşan Kuneri, who received great attention on Netflix last season. Merve Dizdar, who successfully took part in the first season of Cem Yılmaz’s project, Erşan Kuneri, is now waiting for the shooting to start for the second season.

Expressing that she expected to go on the set for the Erşan Kuneri series on August 20, the famous actress said that she would be on the set again for the shooting of the TV series Ömer.

The famous actress, who stood out with the character of Nisa in the Ömer series, which was on Star TV last season, had a very successful drama performance.

There will be a very intense tempo for Merve Dizdar for a while due to the overlap of the shootings of the TV series Ömer together with Erşan Kuneri. However, the actress states that this is not a problem for her, as she loves to work.

The actress said, “We are starting the Erşan Kuneri series towards the end of August. Then the shooting of the Ömer series will begin. Everything starts at the same time. My favorite thing is to work,” she said.

Explaining that she had a vacation and that was enough, the actresss said that she rested on vacation abroad and that she had a good time with her friends in Turkey.

Merve Dizdar explained that she does not like being on social media very much and that she does not want to be involved because it takes too much time.