Artists News Merve Dizdar, who lists her successes one after the other, has a big

Merve Dizdar, who lists her successes one after the other, has a big


Famous actress Merve Dizdar made a great career debut with the series Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartments) last year. The actress, who was also admired for her character Nisa in the TV series Ömer, won the ‘best actress’ award at the Cannes Film Festival for her performance in the movie Kuru Otlar Üstüne.

The actress, who took part in successful projects one after another and made Turkey proud with the award she won, is extremely obsessed with one subject… Expressing that she is 37 years old, the actress knows that she is young, but she is also aware that her age is advancing.

Merve Dizdar, who also plays the leading role in the digital series Magarsus, met with her co-star Berkay Ateş on the talk show. The famous actress, who appeared to be obsessed with the age issue during this conversation, said, “I will suffer until 40. When I reach 40, I will relax,” she said.

Stating that she could not believe that he was 37 years old, the actress revealed that she had obsessions about age.

Merve Dizdar said that until this age, she reached the age of 30 and it was very good for her.

Merve Dizdar, a graduate of the conservatory, said that she failed both diction and acting in the first year.

The actress said, “My teeth were very bad, then I got braces on my teeth. I failed the diction classes and the acting class. Maybe I was working hard for my stay, I wasn’t stopping at all,” she said.