Artists News Pınar Deniz told, her mother’s good intentions gave the famous actress a hard time!

Pınar Deniz told, her mother’s good intentions gave the famous actress a hard time!


Pınar Deniz has had a very successful season in the Kanal D TV series, Yargı (Judgment), for the last two seasons. The actress has been talked about in the TV series named Aktris (Actress), which has recently been broadcast on Disney Plus. Pınar Deniz’s fans are also very pleased that the actress has had a strong career debut in recent years.

Vatanım Sensin is one of the most decisive TV series for Pınar Deniz to reach this point. The actress, who played the character named Yıldız in this project, influenced millions of viewers and went through a period of great change in her career. Sharing a memory of those times, Pınar Deniz said that her mother’s goodwill caused her to encounter unexpected situations.

Someone who liked Pınar Deniz in the TV series Vatanım Sensin sent his mother to ask for a girl. Pınar Deniz explained her shock with these words:

“This is very funny. That was the first time I went to my own house. A woman came and my mother does not know this sector. “We want your daughter, my son likes it very much, if you are available, we will come to ask,” she said.

My mother also tried not to break it. I went home, the woman has been waiting at the door for a week. Then she saw me. She said, ‘My daughter, my son liked you very much, we really will not interfere with your acting, you can act again’. I stuttered, got in the car, it was ridiculous.”

Pınar Deniz, who said that her mother once took a young fan home out of pity, said that when she got up one morning, she was faced with this fan and her mother, wearing pajamas.

The actress stated that she was shocked at that moment and did not know what to do, and conveyed the event with these words:

“One day a girl came to our house, I am a fan. My mother was also upset and took her home, I was not there. Then my mother told me. I said, ‘Mom, it’s not like that. I woke up one day, I’m in my pajamas. I got up and she’s right in front of me. And she came with her mother. The girl started crying when she saw me. I was frozen. Then we sat and talked sweetly. I didn’t want to offend her, but I felt bad.”