Cansu Dere's new series is very impressive
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3 December 2022 20:44


Cansu Dere’s new series is very impressive

Cansu Dere, who is not erased from the memories as Eyşan in the Ezel series, took a role in Ferhat and Şirin series last season. The fans of the famous actress questioned why she made such a production and shared their criticism on social media. The TV series Ferhat and Şirin was removed in a short time, even before the final was made.

For Cansu Dere fans, it was a short-term and not very pleased meeting. In the new season, the famous actress comes with a production that can satisfy her fans. The actress, which we will watch with a strong female character in the production titled Unfaithful, adapted from the BBC’s Doctor Foster series, got the role she was looking for.

The trailer of the series was released and the first episode date was announced as Wednesday, October 7. The performance of Cansu Dere, who is a partner with Caner Cindoruk, and the details of the character are also curious.

There are very positive comments on social media for Cansu Dere, who will show what a cheated woman can do. The trailer is very popular. It is reflected from the first images that Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk have a good harmony.

The first trailer of the TV series Unfaithful, which featured Burak Sergen and Melis Sezin, was shared.

Images worthy of the saying “The anger of a deceived woman is worse than the fire of hell” attracted attention.

You can find the trailer of Cansu Dere, which attracts attention with its style and beauty, which fans admire very much.

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