Series News Cansu Dere’s revenge in Unfaithful series

Cansu Dere’s revenge in Unfaithful series


Unfaithful series, which is broadcast on Wednesday evenings on Kanal D screen, started its screen journey in such a way that it affected many people. The third episode of the series, which starred Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen, took another storm last night.

Asya took its first revenge. Asya’s first revenge, who told Bahar that they had sex with Mert, echoed on social media. Many TV fans made reference to the character Eyşan in the TV series Ezel. Calling Cansu Dere as Eyşan, again, the fans smiled, saying “Asya is Eyşan in interest”.

This revenge of Asya, who told Bahar that they had sex with Mert, also delighted the audience. A series of fans who said, “I have become so full of pleasure on this stage,” also expressed the feelings of many viewers.

The audience, who wrote that Mert’s character, played by Eren Vurdem, also marched to Asya, commented “Asya just keep going like this, we support you”.

Some viewers also describe those moments as the best scene in the show so far. A viewer who admires the role of Asya to Cansu Dere said, “Despite all the betrayals around her, making plans calmly instead of destroying things is just Cansu Dere. “This role wouldn’t suit anyone else that much”.

The fact that Volkan character, played by Caner Cindoruk, behaves as if nothing had happened, annoys the audience. Here are the first moments of revenge in Asya …