Celil Nalçakan became the name that increased the excitement before the new season of Kardeşlerim series
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29 September 2022 00:54


Celil Nalçakan became the name that increased the excitement before the new season of Kardeşlerim series

Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and Sisters) series, which was broadcast on ATV screens, shook the viewers in the first season with its heavy drama story. With the ongoing episodes of the series, it quickly attracted the audience and increased its ratings and ensured the second season, which made its followers happy.

Despite the separations from the series in the second season and some changes in the story, the interest in the series Kardeşlerim continued. Kardeşlerim series, directed by Serkan Birinci, is now a highly anticipated production with its third season.

The series, which includes experienced actors as well as young generation successful actors, attracted great attention not only in Turkey but also abroad. While the news that it was broadcast in other countries made its viewers happy, Kardeşlerim also enabled them to gain a fan base from different countries of the world in terms of the actors playing in the series.

In the third season of the successful production, Kardeşlerim, innovations will be made to renew interest and attract other viewers to the series. Expectations are that the series “Kardeşlerim” will be ambitious in the new season as well. The signals for this started to be given in the summer months.

Celil Nalçakan, who gave life to the character of Akif in the series, is one of the masters in the staff. The actor, who adds soul to the character he plays in every production he takes part in, gives his role to the end in the TV series Kardeşlerim! Although he gives life to a bad character, he continues to be appreciated with his successful acting and is one of the indispensables of the series as a leading role.

Celil Nalçakan, who is expected to attract attention with his Akif character in the 3rd season, gives life to an unpopular character in front of the camera, but behind the camera, the younger generation colleagues learn a lot. It also gains the appreciation of young players with its guiding and educational aspects.

The master also shared for the first time the news that the shooting of the series, whose new season is eagerly awaited, will begin in a short time! After reading the scenario of the new season’s first episode of the highly anticipated series, Kardeşlerim, the actor, who could not hold back his excitement and shared it with his followers on his twitter account, has already excited the audience!

“I’ve just read the first episode of the new season… I say exciting!” Comments from his followers started pouring in! For the curious audience, this post also caused a tough wait until September!

Celil Nalçakan, along with his twitter message, increases the curiosity of the audience of the series Kardeşlerim while his words from the eyes of the actor indicate that an even more surprising situation is coming for the audience! In the meantime, those who follow Kardeşlerim commented that the first episodes of each season were sad and said, “I wonder who will die?” started asking the question after this post…

Filming for the third season of the series Kardeşlerim is expected to begin towards the end of August. New episodes are also scheduled to be on screen in September.

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