Artists News Cemal Toktaş will be one of the new shooting centers of the TV series Dilek Taşı!

Cemal Toktaş will be one of the new shooting centers of the TV series Dilek Taşı!


Dilek Taşı (The Wishing Stone) project, which stands out as a production that affects the series viewers, continues to make a name for itself with new developments.

The Dilek Taşı project, which started its screen life with good ratings at the beginning of the season, later went through a difficult process due to low ratings.

With Kanal D’s decision to change the day, the Dilek Taşı series, which is now broadcast on Wednesday evenings, has taken important steps towards becoming an even more remarkable production with the inclusion of brand new actors in the story.

One of these new names was Cemal Toktaş… The performance of the young actor in the new series character named Janti Kemal is eagerly awaited.

A new actor has joined Dilek Taşı, which brings to the screen what happened after the 1980 military coup with a drama-filled story. It is already a matter of curiosity how Cemal Toktaş, whom we will watch with the character of Janti Kemal, will change the balance in the series.

Kemal is seeking revenge…

Janti Kemal’s name was mentioned in the previous episodes of Dilek Taşı, but no explanation was given as to who she was, and she was the subject of great curiosity by the audience.

Janti Kemal appeared before the audience for the first time in the promotion of the new episode of the series.

The character played by Cemal Toktaş will return from abroad and pursue facts about his family. Kemal, who is deeply saddened by the consecutive deaths of his brothers Yakup and Turhan, will return from abroad and try to avenge their deaths.

What kind of bond will be established between Janti Kemal and Mustafa will be answered in Dilek Taşı, which is broadcast every Wednesday on Kanal D.