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9 August 2022 14:08


Cemre Baysel and Deniz Can Aktaş are together in the lead role! And very soon!

Cemre Baysel and Deniz Can Aktaş are two successful actors that have attracted attention recently. Baysel and Aktaş became partners in a series. According to the allegations, the shooting of the series will begin soon. It was a matter of curiosity how the two actors, both of whom are still taking part in a TV series, will realize two projects at the same time.

It has been stated that Cemre Baysel and Deniz Can Aktaş will share the lead roles in the TV series Sadece Arkadaşız (Just Friends), which will be shot for the digital platform Exxen.

It has been learned that the shooting of the series, which will be the Turkish adaptation of the US-made Love Snack series, will begin soon. In the series, which will be named “Sadece Arkadaşız”, the duo will try to find the right spouse in order to become the owner of the house they share. While Emre Erdoğdu will be the director of the series, the screenplay will be written by Zeynep Koçak.

Everyone is talking about these two now. But there is also a big question mark. Because both actors are still taking part in a project and playing the leading roles. Therefore, it is very curious how Cemre Baysel and Deniz Can Aktaş will shoot two TV series at the same time.

Deniz Can Aktaş, who had great success with Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) after the series Avlu (Courtyard), is still taking part in the TV series Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor), which is broadcast on TRT 1. Playing a doctor in the TV series Kasaba Doktoru, Deniz Can Aktaş’s harmony with his co-star Hazal Subaşı won everyone’s hearts.

Cemre Baysel, who had a great success with the Baht Oyunu that was broadcast on Kanal D last summer, is still playing the leading role in the TV series “Senden Daha Güzel” (Better Than You), which will be screened as a summer series on Fox TV.

The series, which has started shooting, will meet the audience very soon. Cemre Baysel shares the lead role with Burak Çelik in the series signed by Gold Film.

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