Series News The cast of Hakime Hanım, the new series of Vahide Perçin, is amazing!

The cast of Hakime Hanım, the new series of Vahide Perçin, is amazing!


A new series of law-themed series will be added and Hakime Hanım (Judge Lady) will meet with the audience on the ATV screen next season. Vahide Perçin, who is in the lead role of the series, will meet with her fans on the ATV screen after a long time.

As it will be remembered, the famous actress said goodbye to the story in the middle of the third season of the Bir Zamanlar Çukurova (Once Upon a Time Çukurova) series, which went to the final with its fourth season. The master actress, who is still remembered with the character of Hünkar, preferred a strong woman’s story among the many offers she received.

The name of Hakime Hanım shows that there is already a law series. The producers’ interest in this kind of productions increased, especially with Yargı (Judgment) making a great debut on the Kanal D screen. ATV, which did not get the attention it expected with the Hakim (Judge) series, which was adapted from the US TV series Your Honor, nevertheless decided to make another law series.

The other cast of the series, starring Vahide Perçin, is slowly being determined… While it was revealed that Cem Davran will be the leading actor, Feyza Sevil Güngör became one of the new names in the series. Cem Davran will play the female judge’s husband and Feyza Sevil Güngör will play the judge’s daughter in the story.

It turned out that Kaan Yıldırım was also involved in the project after completing the shooting of the TRT Digital TV series Mevlana. Besides Cem Sürgit, another name that joined the staff was Yusuf Çim.

Yusuf Çim, who played the leading role in the latest seriesHayaller ve Hayatlar (Dreams and Lives), accepted the offer for the series Hakime Hanım after the completion of the shooting of this series.

Yusuf Çim will appear before the audience as the son of a female judge in the story.

As you can see, there are influential and successful actors in the series, Mrs. Hakime, which is being prepared with a great production. It is among the information that new names will join the cast and the shooting will start in the summer months.