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20 May 2022 21:12


Cengiz Bozkurt’s new series will be on TRT1 and he will turn everyone around with his role!

Fans of the famous actor Cengiz Bozkurt know how well he performs in comedy roles. However, the master actor is a talent who can successfully portray any role, and he is one of the names that the producers offer the most job…

You will soon be able to watch Cengiz Bozkurt on the TRT1 screen. Born in 1965, the actor is at the peak of his career and puts his signature on all the projects he takes part in.

The actor, whom we have watched in the television series Gençliğim Eyvah and Kuzey Yıldızı recently, has also been involved in digital series projects. The actor, whom we watched in the 50 m2, Orta Kafa Aşk and Leyla ile Mecnun projects, showed that he is a veteran name in his profession with his feature films.

Cengiz Bozkurt, who has played different roles in successive projects, returns to television series again. The actor, who made a deal for the TV series Kara Tahta, which will be broadcast on TRT1, will play a twisted role that will surprise everyone.

The actress, who we are used to in comedy roles, will show his drama performance this time and make a name for himself again. You will also be able to watch Cengiz Bozkurt in the lead role of the TRT1 TV series Kara Tahta, which brings together Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç.

The director of the series, whose story Erkan Birgören wrote, was Ender Mıhlar, the successful name of the last period. As the father of Atlas character, played by Furkan Andıç, the master actor will be at an influential point in the story.

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