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23 May 2022 00:14


Üç Kuruş is not going well, but Nesrin Cavadzade’s business is going well!

Nesrin Cavadzade, who played the character of Şahika in Yasak Elma TV series, left the story at the end of the fourth season. Nesrin Cavadzade, who said goodbye to the series after 4 seasons in the story, upset her fans, but returned to the screen in a short time.

The actress has been in front of her fans since the beginning of the season with the role of Bahar in the new season’s ambitious series Üç Kuruş.

The beautiful actress, on the other hand, decided to evaluate one of the new job offers, as well as working intensively on the set of Üç Kuruş. Dazzling with her neat physique and beauty, Nesrin Cavadzade will appear in a new commercial where she will showcase her acting skills.

Agreeing to be the advertising face of a biscuit brand, the actress also appeared in front of the camera and took part in the brand’s advertisement… This commercial is expected to be shown on the screens soon.

The famous actress, who did not fall on the agenda of the social media and the tabloid press with her relationship with Gökhan Alkan, managed to become one of the most sought-after names by the producers. Increasing her popularity, the actress is one of the most talked about female actors in social media.

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