Artists News Ceyda Ateş returned to Turkey and found a new experience!

Ceyda Ateş returned to Turkey and found a new experience!


Famous actress Ceyda Ateş is one of the names we see less often in projects due to her living in America. The actress, who came to the fore with her role in the movie Son Dilek (Last Wish), said that every role she took gave her an opportunity to experience.

Ceyda Ateş said, “Every project is an experience for me. Both good experience and bad experience prepare me for the next project. That’s why I’m looking to have that maturity and be more selective.”

Mentioning that being a mother is a very good feeling, the actress said that she had difficulties but she experienced something wonderful.

Mentioning that her daughter Talya is a child with high energy, Ceyda Ateş stated that they are also very good and she is very happy.

Ceyda Ateş, who stated that she came to Turkey for the movie Son Dilek and stayed away from her daughter for a while, said, “I am here when there is a project, I continue my life there when there is no project.”

Explaining that she brought her daughter Talya with her when she needed to stay in a project for a long time, Ceyda Ateş said that there was no such thing as a permanent return to Turkey.

Speaking about her daughter becoming an actress in the future, Ceyda Ateş stated that she can only guide Talya and that her daughter will decide what profession she will pursue.

Ceyda Ateş, explaining that she sometimes makes her daughter watch the scenes in the projects she takes part in, said, “Sometimes I open my videos. Videos that will not affect her, but that she will enjoy. Of course, when she sees me, she says mother and looks at me.

The actress added that the birth of her daughter has given her a greater sense of responsibility.