Series News Ceylin shock in the Yargı series! Murder suspect and in custody!

Ceylin shock in the Yargı series! Murder suspect and in custody!


Ceylin is taken into custody on suspicion of murder in the series Yargı (Judgment), which is broadcast on Sunday evenings and goes step by step towards the season finale. Ceylin, who could not give up on Ilgaz despite all that had happened, was waiting for him to make a choice, while it was a matter of curiosity whether Ilgaz would choose Ceylin by taking the key of the house they had kept to live together.

In the time jump in the finale of the promotion, Eren’s arrest of Ceylin for murder is “Did Ceylin kill someone?” begs the question. In the promotion of the new episode of Yargı, which makes the audience look forward to Sunday evenings, the audience witnesses the desperation of Ceylin and Ilgaz and the impossibility of their love for each other.

Learning that it was Çınar who killed Zafer, Gül is eagerly awaiting the confrontation of the two families as she leans on Metin’s door to hold him accountable. 6 months later, Ceylin’s surrender to Eren, who took him into custody on suspicion of murder, without saying anything, is confusing.

While Yekta’s visit to Çınar in prison surprises everyone, “Will Çınar give power of attorney to Yekta to get out of prison?” The answer to the question will be answered in the new section of the Yargı.