Series News Ceylin’s attitude in the series Yargı disappoints Ilgaz!

Ceylin’s attitude in the series Yargı disappoints Ilgaz!


There are very interesting events going on in the TV series, Yargı (Judgment), and tensions rise between Ilgaz and Ceylin… A new introduction to the 30th episode of Kanal D’s Ay Yapım series, Yargı, which is one of the most watched series of the season, has been released.

In the promotion, where the tension between Ilgaz and Ceylin gradually increases, Ceylin accuses Ilgaz of protecting Çınar, but this situation disappoints Ilgaz. Ceylin’s words to Ilgaz, “You are guilty too!” lyrics are one of the highlights of the promotion.

The Yargı, which marks the ratings every Sunday, draws attention to Ceylin’s increasing distrust and harsh reaction to Ilgaz, with the introduction of the new episode. While the discovery of the third bullet hole in Zafer’s shirt changes the course of the murder, Pars and Eren continue their research meticulously.

While Ceylin’s anger against Çınar and Metin as well as Ilgaz does not subside, the tension between the two rises once again.

Ceylin’s accusations against Ilgaz destroy Ilgaz. It is eagerly awaited how Ceylin’s claim that Ilgaz was guilty during the moments of their fight will affect the relationship between the two.

The 30th new episode of the Yargı series will meet with the audience on Kanal D on Sunday, April 24.