Child star of Bez Bebek, Asena Keskinci, joined the very ambitious series of ATV!
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23 March 2023 04:59


Child star of Bez Bebek, Asena Keskinci, joined the very ambitious series of ATV!

Asena Keskinci, who was born in 2001, started to appear on the screen as a child actress in 2004 with the TV series Aliye. The actress, who won the hearts with the role of Kiraz in the Hırsız Polis TV series in 2005, was also remembered as the Yağmur in the much-loved TV series Bez Bebek.

Asena Keskinci grew up on sets over the years and became a young woman… Asena Keskinci, who appeared in the children’s TV series Köstebikgiller as well as in the movie Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever, most recently played the character of Hande in the Fox TV series named Masumiyet.

Asena Keskinci, who met the cameras in 2004 when she was still a little baby, has improved herself a lot over time. The 20-year-old actress will again showcase her talents in the Okul Yolunda series, which will be broadcast on the ATV screen.

The actress, whom you will recognize from TV series and movies as well as commercials, has worked in advertisements for various brands. This season, you will watch Asena Keskinci, who won the “best child actress of the year” award at the TRT Women’s awards in 2010, on the ATV screen.

The role of Asena Keskinci in the new series, who has had important experiences until the age of 20 in her acting journey, which she started at the age of 3, is also very curious.

The new series, which will start shooting soon, will shock everyone with its subject highlighting violence against women and child brides.

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