If you see Şevval Sam, the Ender of the Yasak Elma, on the street, do not pass without saying this word!
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25 March 2023 23:00


If you see Şevval Sam, the Ender of the Yasak Elma, on the street, do not pass without saying this word!

Famous Singer and Actress Şevval Sam is loved and appreciated by the tabloids he encounters on the street or for her sincerity and warmth in the live broadcasts she rarely attends. Although she takes on a completely different identity with the character of Ender in the Yasak Elma series, which has been going on for 5 seasons on Fox TV, there is no one who does not know her sensitivity in animal, nature and human-oriented issues in her real life!

Şevval Sam, who defines herself as a ‘life defender’, has been on the stage for 16 years, but has been acting for much longer years. Despite the fame of her mother, Leman Sam, she is an exemplary person as a person who has managed to find her own way.

When she first started playing Ender in Yasak Elma, she surprised the audience. Şevval Sam, who is used to seeing her in different roles, dresses like she is on the runway in every episode, and sometimes draws a very different image on the screen with her absurd make-up and attitudes, is now on the screen with the image of the ‘best bad woman’.

Despite being the ‘evil and scheming woman’ of the series, she is also very popular in real life for her affectionate, energetic, sincere and loving personality. Even though he took a long break during the pandemic process, Şevval Sam is currently on stage and states that she also loves singing at every opportunity.

Şevval Sam, who was a guest of the “İbrahim Selim ile Bu Gece” program broadcast on Zorlu PSM’s YouTube channel recently, gave pleasant and sometimes surprising tips about herself to the audience with her sincere conversation. She drew attention to her words “My career amazes even me” about her acting and singing profession.

Stating that she is a person living in a dream world, Şevval Sam stated that she started acting 28 years ago, that she did not receive any training in music or acting, that she was raised sarcastically, and that she actually graduated from the graphics department.
“When I look at it today, my career surprises even me, I think I just learned how to act and sing,” she drew attention.

Şevval Sam surprised both İbrahim Selim and the audience with her response to the sentence she was most happy to hear. At the same time, this statement that made you laugh was a good tip for fans who will see Şevval Sam on the street!

Şevval Sam gave the following answer to this question: “The sentence ‘I am very happy to see you, Mrs. Şevval’… I am incredibly happy at these moments!” used the phrase.

You can watch the Şevval Sam episode of İbrahim Selim ile Bu Gece in the video below…

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