Artists News Companion is intimidated by Merve Sevi!

Companion is intimidated by Merve Sevi!


Actor Merve Sevi said, “I think this is a good deal. Otherwise, I’ll close the doors soon enough not to open, “he said. Sevi threatened her with these words.

According to the news of the calendar, the actor Merve Sevi rebelled at the end of his sports training partner, Çalkan Algün, who made a carpet field match with his friends at midnight.

Sevi, the evening we passed the evening again in the pale carpet field match with social media joke mixed reaction revealed.

Sevi suggested to the carpet field operators to shoot the match times. Sevi “Carpet holders close at 9. This is your bread, but are you knocked down?” Men go to their homes early in the evening, making matches between 9 and 10 pm.