Artists News Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu’s funky panic

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu’s funky panic


An eye of the actress Tuğutlu, who did not want to pass on to the saint of his clothes, was in constant detachment.

Tuğutlu wants to play a new role with Çağatay Ulusoy, gave a good test about the free kick.

According to the report in the Takvim, Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu was in the exhibition in the energy museum of Raisa & Vanessa’s designer brothers the previous evening. The actress who watched the show from the front was intensely trying to give it a free kick during the night.

Tugutlu, who preferred a deep chest decollete over night, was disturbed by the explosion of flashes while talking on the phone.

The good actress immediately turned his head and checked the decolletes.