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24 May 2022 03:13


Conflict in Sadakatsiz, laughter on set! Cansu Dere’s sharing opened our hearts!

The Sadakatsız series, broadcast on Kanal D screens, is nearing the end. When the series first started airing, it was almost storming the screen. The series, in which Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen took the lead roles, was very popular with the scenes that locked the audience on the screen.

However, the series did not find the expected interest this season. Adapted from the BBC’s BAFTA award-winning Doctor Foster series, new names have been added to Sadakatsiz, some have left, the story has gone to different places, but this season is still progressing by force.

Caner Cindoruk had said in an interview that Sadakatsiz would make the final. Thus, it was understood that the final was approaching. A bone audience does not leave Sadakatsiz, but many viewers also turned to other series. With the last episode published this week, the decrease in the ratings appeared on the table again.

Successful results are coming from the broadcasts of the series, which is progressing to the final, abroad. The TV series Sadakatsiz is watched with great admiration in Latin American countries as well as Spain.

Meanwhile, young actress Melis Sezen, who starred with Caner Cindoruk and Cansu Dere in the series, opened a completely different page in her career thanks to the TV series “Sadakatsiz”. Melis Sezen, who successfully gave life to the character Derin played in the series, will probably be remembered with this role for many years.

Another prominent name in the series was Gözde Seda Altuner, who played Derin’s mother. Altuner and Sezen are close friends in their private lives and the love they feel for each other is also reflected in their social media posts.

Cansu Dere, the Asya of the series, is included in this circle of love. The actress is constantly in a quarrel with Derin and her mother Gönül, whose star is not reconciled. Despite these characters digging each other’s wells, a completely different process takes place behind the camera.

The three actresses, who worked together for a long time on the set, developed a deep bond of love with each other during this process, which is reflected in Cansu Dere’s last post. Cansu Dere dropped the note “I love you” on the photos she gave with her two colleagues and laughing…

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