Confusing situation for Ay Yapım's "Oğlum" series!
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29 November 2022 10:38


Confusing situation for Ay Yapım’s “Oğlum” series!

Oğlum, meticulously prepared by Ay Yapım, will be one of the productions expected to attract attention in the new year. Various news about the series have been in the media lately. However, there is a confusion about the lead role of the series… First, it was claimed that Demet Evgar would take the lead role in the series.

Demet Evgar, on the other hand, denied the allegations with a statement saying that she did not even know about this issue… News that an agreement was made with Canan Ergüder for the TV series designed by Ahmet Katıksız.

Ay Yapım attaches great importance to the series “Oğlum”, which will tell the drama of a poor boy and a rich boy. The casting continues. In this process, Songül Öden’s name was also changed for the lead role…

Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet, also drew attention to the contradiction in this situation, which was reflected in the media.

“Who is the lead in the TV series Oğlum?” Sina Koloğlu asked, and used the following expressions: “There are news about who will be the lead role in Ay Yapım’s series about the lives of poor child and rich child’, ‘Oğlum’. It was stated that after Demet Evgar was considered in the lead role, an agreement was made with Canan Ergüder. Now the news has spread that Songül Öden will be playing the lead role.”

Current status; Canan Ergüder and Songül Öden share the lead roles. It was also revealed that an agreement was made with the director Gökçen Usta for the series, in which Nihal Yalçın will also be in the cast. It is also among the information received that it was agreed with Timur Acar and Serhat Teoman.

Ay Yapım is expected to make an official statement. When this statement comes, all the details about the series “Oğlum” will be revealed.

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