Series News They convinced ZeynepÇamcı to kiss!

They convinced ZeynepÇamcı to kiss!


The 11th episode of the ‘Name Zehra’ series, starring ZeynepÇamcı, HaticeAslan and AlicanYücesoy, will meet audiences at 5 pm Saturday, May 5th.

Fox TV screens were posted below the expectations of the series ratings.

Indicates that the series is in the final path.

The song in the 11th episode of the 2nd episode of the series took the audience’s reaction. Watchers who think the song never fits have criticized social media.

“They are constantly singing the series, and there are always songs in the fragments. Most of the songs from the half came to the series, “a criticism of a viewer who has attracted attention.

ZeynepÇamcı’s name also points out the kissing scenes in the ‘Name Zehra’ series. Avoiding kissing in the previous series, ZeynepÇamcı has not missed the audience’s kissing on this series. Apparently kissing scenes have begun to be resorted to because of the poorly rated ratings of the series. Will ZeynepÇamcı, who does not really appreciate the kissing scenes, get this self-esteem?

Here is part 2 of chapter 11: