Series News The couple in love with The Oath tv series

The couple in love with The Oath tv series


Turkey Star TV television series aired in The Oath had a great love.

Yavuz and Bahar later entered each other’s lives.

Formality made a marriage. But this formality marriage has turned into a big deal.

Soldier Yavuz and Doctor Bahar, are attracting great interest.

The bond between the couple is getting stronger and stronger.

They became a favorite couple whose marriages gradually turned into reality.

Yavuz character is played by Tolga Sarıtaş.

Aybüke Pusat plays Bahar.

Yavuz’s attitude, jokes and Bahar’ın continuous protection of people watching is very nice.

He is interested in the charity and warmth of the spring character.

Those who think that Bahar has stolen Yavuz’s heart are fond of this twin.

At one point, the two actors were arguing that love lives in real life. However, these allegations did not come true.

Video: Love of Bahar and Yavuz