Series News Lifeline tv series is an impossible love

Lifeline tv series is an impossible love


ATV television in Turkey has spawned a series of storms.

Lifeline tv series has an impossible love of Tahir and Nefes in his knees.

Nefes sold to a man she does not want, trying to get rid of his hand.

She met Tahir, the love of her life.

Tahir, who was so compassionate as a wry man, fell in love with him as soon as he saw Nefes.

Tahir, at the cost of his life, breathes and protects his son Yiğit.

Tahir is very in love and his followers are growing.

However Tahir was necessarily engaged to Mercan.

Vedat is Nefes’s husband and does not want to leave her.

Nefes with Tahir loves each other despite everything.

The character of Tahir is played by Ulaş Tuna Astepe.

Nefes character is played by İrem Helvacıoğlu.