Series News Criticism came to Hazal Kaya on the new TV series Misafir!

Criticism came to Hazal Kaya on the new TV series Misafir!

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Famous actress Hazal Kaya will soon be on Fox TV with a new series called Misafir. Buğra Gülsoy, who plays the leading role with Ozan Dolunay, will meet his fans with a different character as of Thursday evening, November 4th.

The name of the hopeful story of a young woman who had a traumatic childhood and a man with three children, who has just lost his wife, became clear as Guest. While the release date of the series was announced, the first images were also shared. Fans of the series, who have been eagerly waiting for Hazal Kaya for years, list their hopes and criticisms one by one for the Misafir. Positive and negative reviews have also started to appear on social media.

Hazal Kaya fans will see the famous actress on the same screen and with the same production company’s series after Bizim Hikaye. Medyapım is known to make successful adaptations. Adapted from the TV series Oasis, the Misafir is also very ambitious.

Hazal Kaya fans started to make both excited and first criticisms. Many fans criticized the famous actress’s red hair. Fans who thought that this hair did not suit the famous actress made comments on social media.

Fans who commented, “The hair color looks bad and artificial, it doesn’t suit at all,” express that Thursdays are also a very difficult day.

Misafir series; Camdaki Kız will compete with the Barbaroslar and Bir Zamanlar Çukurova. It is not so easy for the series to get good results.

Hazal Kaya fans are also aware of this, and comments are made that it will not be easy to achieve high ratings.

There are also those who think that Hazal Kaya and Buğra Gülsoy will be a very good partner.

A series of fans said, “We missed Hazal Kaya so much. Presentation is also great. It will obviously be a good story focused on the psychology of the character,” he commented.

The new Fox TV series called Misafir will be a big surprise. Either it will be admired or it will struggle to survive in the middle. We’ll watch and see.