Çukur series fans, who made the final, found the new series they were looking for!
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28 March 2023 03:09


Çukur series fans, who made the final, found the new series they were looking for!

For 4 seasons, there was the reality of Çukur on the Show TV screen… Famous names took part in the cast of the series, which had great success every season. The series, which impressed the audience in every period with its story, made a magnificent finale. Çukur was a project that always received high ratings from the day it started until the day it ended.

The audience of the Çukur series does not know what to put in its place. Many series will be broadcast on the screen in the new season. A good alternative is coming for the audience who are looking for a new action-packed series like Çukur, whose story and acting success is very high.

Ay Yapım, the producer of Çukur, is preparing for a strong series. In fact, the first presentation of this series to Çukur fans was made in the final episode. The following message, given as a graffiti, was catchy: “We came out of Inside, we fell into Çukur, then Üç Kuruş…”

The information that intensive preparations were made for the new series of Ay Yapım named Üç Kuruş fell on the backstage. One of the names who wrote the story of Çukur is Damla Serim. In the series Üç Kuruş, Damla Serim and Murat Uyurkulak are writing the script together. Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, who made a big debut with the Sefirin Kızı series, but left the series early, takes the lead role.

It is not yet clear who will be with Uraz Kaygılaroğlu. A series is coming, which loves the clash of police and mafia and is expected to impress Çukur audiences again… Kaygılaroğlu’s partners, who will appear on the screen with the character of Kartal, who runs a casino, are eagerly awaited. Taner Ölmez was offered an offer, but the newly married actor intends to rest…

The first information about the story of the series came… There is the character of serial killer İrfan. Three Cents will begin with a murder scene. İrfan kills his victim and leaves 3 cents with him… This is actually a point that will become the symbol of the series… The eagle character is caught by the operation of the police. The neighborhood where Kartal lives has a story. At this point, many viewers will guess that events similar to Çukur may develop. This neighborhood will be one of the key points of the series. The connection between Kartal and İrfan will also take the audience to different events as the most important node of the series.

There is an impression that Çukur fans will find the series they are looking for in the new season in Üç Kuruş, another Ay Yapım project, on the Show TV screen.

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