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23 May 2022 00:16


Damla Colbay cannot finish praising her partner Hasan Denizyaran in the Yalnız Kurt TV series!

ATV’s new series, Yalnız Kurt, signed by Osman Sınav, made a stormy entrance to the screens with its first episodes. Young actress Damla Colbay, who plays the leading role with Hasan Denizyaran, plays a mysterious character in the TV series broadcast on Friday evenings.

Damla Colbay, who stood out with her successful performance in the Hekimoğlu TV series last season, showed that she would do justice to her role in Yalnız Kurt from the first episode. The young actress could not fit her co-star to the ground while giving details about her compatibility with her partner Hasan Denizyaran in the interview she gave to the TV program, which is the internal production of ATV.

“Hasan is the sweetest person in the world and the best in the world. I really got to know him here, but he’s one of the best people I’ve known lately. In this period, I am very lucky in that sense, as meeting good people is now a luxury. We also help each other on stage and I think the chemistry between us reflects well on the screens. I hope we can make the audience feel this beautiful transition of emotions between us.”

The harmony between the actors and the synergy of the team in Yalnız Kurt, which came to the screen after almost 2.5 years of preparation, is also reflected on the screen. Damla Colbay, who portrayed the character of Sare, and Hasan Denizyaran, who gave life to Altay, became the audience’s co-stars. It seems that this attribution of the audience will be realized with a love that will arise between Sare and Altay in the coming days.

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