Series News Demet Evgar, excited about the new TV series Courtyard

Demet Evgar, excited about the new TV series Courtyard


Shooting of the index has begun.

“Everything is going very well, we are looking forward to meeting the audience,” Demet Evgar said.

The famous actor also shows up in the theater scene.

Evgar, who plays a role in the theater play ’39 Stage, said, “Despite being the third year, our tickets end before the week.”

Here is our analysis of the courtyard sequence ….

The TV series will be discussed very much with both the subject and the audience.

Orange Is the New Black says Turkey is a foreign index adaptation.

The main roles are Demet Evgar, Ceren Moray and Nursel Köse.

It was a great excitement for the audience to be involved in the series and for the successful female players and for the audience in the prison.

Followers of Ceren Moray and Demet Evgar who like the acting very much share the following messages on the social media:

“Even only for Demet Evgar!”
“How fun these are!”
“Perhaps they will play with our perceptions!”
“It’s made in American taste!”

We will learn in the coming days which day the excited directory will be published on which day …

Here is the introduction of the directory: