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12 August 2022 11:56


Demet Evgar took a similar cast of Özge Özder in the series Sadakatsiz

Sadakatsiz (Unfaitful) series lasted for two seasons and said goodbye to its audience with its 60th episode last month. One of the names in the series was Özge Özder. The famous actress played the character of Derya in the series and learned that she was pregnant in the process.

Özge Özder, who went as far as she could go as far as the pregnancy period allowed and was not hasty in leaving the set, returned to the set two or three weeks after the birth of her daughter Luna.

Özge Özder had already announced that she would continue her role in the series after giving birth, and she kept her promise. We may soon see something similar to what Özge Özder did in the TV series Sadakatsiz from Demet Evgar. The actress became one of the names that agreed with Disney Plus.

Series is being shot one after another for the platform, which will meet with the audience in Turkey on June 14. Demet Evgar, who was expected to take part in one of these productions, was also likely to appear on the set after the birth if the conditions were met.

After the birth of her daughter Mavi, the actress will evaluate the projects that come to her. If the necessary conditions are met, she does not think of going through a long post-pregnancy process as Özge Özder does.

Many famous actresses can take a break from the sets for 1-2 years during or after pregnancy. There are even names that continue this for up to 3-4 years.

However, there are also names like Özge Özder who think differently and focus on her career and show that she can raise her baby on sets. If a good project comes out, don’t be surprised if you see Demet Evgar on the sets with her daughter Mavi.

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