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16 May 2022 17:45


Demet Evgar, who conquered hearts with her Avlu series, gave details about her new project that will delight her fans.

Demet Evgar, who won acclaim for her voice and strong interpretation, as well as her success in acting on the theater screen and on the screens, made statements about her new project.

Demet Evgar, who stepped into the screen world with Yedi Numara in 2000, took part in many TV series and film projects. The TV series “1 Kadın 1 Erkek”, in which she played with Emre Karayel, made her the biggest break of her career. The talented actress, who brought her acting to the top with Avlu series, in which she shared the lead role with Ceren Moray, came to the screen with the Alev Alev series, which was broadcast on Show TV last season.

Demet Evgar, who has been away from the screens for a while, continues to work on the album without slowing down. Answering the questions of the reporters at the premiere of the new theater play called “Sonbahara Son Güller”, the actress made statements about the album she is preparing as her new project.

Demet Evgar, who stated that she did not want to spoil the surprise by giving too many details, said that she was preparing an album in the “Pop-Jazz” genre of 6-7 tracks. Expressing that she will appear before the audience with songs that she wrote and that were specially written for this album, the successful actress stated that she also received a stage offer and that she wanted to appear in front of the audience with a very different concept.

Demet Evgar, who was also involved in joint musical projects with Multitap and Can Bonomo, made her first single in 2020 with the song “Nanay”. The actress also took part in Dilek Türkan’s “Woman Hands Touched Songs” project.

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